We believe that God has called us to take the faith given to us and to carry it into the dark, dying, and hurting world. We also believe that God calls us to care for one another within the church.

We support one another in the church body through sickness, weakness, loneliness, death, and other difficult circumstances.

We encourage each of our members to take the Gospel to their spheres of influence, acting as salt and light in the world. Every encounter with people is a potential moment for the redemptive work of God. We are the image of Christ in our schools, at work, in our neighborhoods, at the gym, etc. Personal evangelism and engagement of the world is a must for each Christian! Some of our members are set apart and sent on short-term mission trips. In recent years, our church has sent people and mission teams to Wales, Scotland, Mexico, and Germany.

We support local agencies that bring the Gospel to bear in local settings. We partner with pastors who are starting new churches, with campus ministries, with crisis pregnancy centers, and with local interests who are meeting redemptive needs in our local area. We encourage our people to serve where God has called them, often in unofficial places of ministry – yet representing Christ’s church! Our denomination has a national home missions board that plants new churches and revitalizes old ones.

Finally, we actively support foreign missions around the world. Our denomination has its own foreign board of missions, which we support along with various missionaries who are sent by them into the world. We currently support specific works of the church in Wales, Scotland, Germany, Pakistan, Spain and Mexico.