Church Life

Church Life

Our church places great value on involving members in the ministries of the church. We believe that God has called his church to worship, learn, fellowship, grow, and serve. In our local fellowship, you will find opportunities to serve the church and to be served by the church. Please refer to our EVENTS CALENDAR, BULLETINS, and NEWSLETTER for opportunities to participate in our church community.

Our Ministry Teams include: Church Choir, Hospitality & Mercy, Property & Appearance, Christian Education, Minister’s Assistance, Nursery, Mission & Outreach, and Media.

If you are interested in participating more deeply in the life of our congregation, making the choice to join the church as a communing member is important. We place a high value on membership for accountability, care and belonging. Also, in order to serve the church in areas involving children, we require special screening for the safety and security of our families and their children.

We believe that joining a church is a wonderful decision to make! We do take church membership seriously. In a real way, joining a church is a leaving of the world and a uniting to Christ and his people. If you are interested in making this church your church home, please speak to the pastor or one of the elders. We offer a New Member Class on an as-needed basis.


Join us for in-person Worship on Sundays at 11 AM and 6 PM Visit!