Posts from December 2023

Posts from December 2023

Christmas Characters: Angels

Christmas Characters: Angels By Bryan Crotts When you read the Bible cover to cover, certain verses stand out and grab your attention. I have several throughout my Bible that I’ve marked. These passages seem to have a brighter bulb than the ones around them. One of these bright lights is in 1 Peter 1, where Jesus’ disciple spends the opening of his letter to scattered…

Christmas Characters: Zechariah & Elizabeth

Christmas Characters: Zechariah & Elizabeth By Bryan Crotts I wonder what Zechariah and Elizabeth’s neighbors thought of them? Was their house tidy? Did she plant seasonal flowers in the front porch pots? Did Zechariah get the trash out to the street on time? Did they get up their leaves before…

Christmas Characters: Mary & Joseph

Christmas Characters: Mary & Joseph By Bryan Crotts We had several manger scenes in our childhood home. An olive wood set from a trip to Bethlehem was a favorite. Another, from the annual crafts fair in Greensboro, was made of scrap wood and painted to represent the nativity. Different ones of us in the family would rearrange the characters to suit what we thought the…

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